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Jewellery Inspired started its course in early 2013 when Jane McCrone's love for making jewellery was first realized. As a young girl she would regularly take trips to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham with her mum and marvel over the wide range of rings and necklaces on display. After raising a family and finally finding some free time on her hands she decided that it was time for a new hobby and enrolled on a jewellery making course. This was just the start, out of all the different kinds of jewellery that she handmade, Swarovski crystals and pearls were the ones that made an impression. 


At first she started making one off pieces of Swarovski based jewellery for family and friends as gifts and thank you presents. After a few months of practising, she successfully became a certified Swarovski designer. Then, with guidance from her husband Sam (a former Managing Director) she decided to set up a few market stalls and start selling to the public. With great success it was at this point made clear that her talent was not just appreciated by her friends and family, from here on Jewellery Inspired, a family business was born.


Over the next year the market stalls turned into shopping centre units and a variety of jewellery and fashion accessories were added to the inventory. Currently situated in the Ryemarket Shopping Centre, Stourbridge, Jewellery Inspired has established itself within the West Midlands, UK.


Jane would also like to express her gratitude and at this point thank all of her loyal customers who have come back time and time again. Jewellery Inspired would not be what it is today if it wasn't for you!


Jewellery Inspired has been successful due to its love of customer satisfaction and knowing that the customer is getting the friendliest service as well as a great product. Feedback is important and so are any new ideas and suggestions. Keep in touch by liking our Facebook page.


Once again we thank you for your business and hope to see you again soon.

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