Jewellery Cleaning Service

At Jewellery Inspired we take pride in looking after your jewellery, we use a collection of cleaning products including an ultrasonic cleaner, buffs and cloths to keep your items looking flawless. 

 White Gold Diamond Ring

Where others may force off grease and dirt with damaging substances or brute force we make sure to use the correct measures and precautions when cleaning. This way your jewellery will maintain its strength, colour and brightness.

We do this is by setting a specific cleaning time and heat using our ultrasonic cleaner, once this has been completed we will use either a handheld or worktop buffer to remove any excess or stubborn build-ups. Finally, we will apply a polishing cloth with an extremely sensitive polish liquid to ensure your jewellery is left spotless and glistening.

Ultrasonic Cleaner 7000

Please call us on 01384 825130 to get a jewellery cleaning quote. All of our cleaning is done on-site in our Stourbridge shop. Pricing typically starts from around £3.50 but prices may vary slightly depending on item size or if specific treatment is required.

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