Watch Battery Replacement Service

We will ensure that you get a reputable and affordable battery for your timepiece. Don't make the mistake of paying too much or having a short life battery fitted to your watch.

At Jewellery Inspired we only use the best, Renata. An experienced Swiss battery manufacturer established in 1952 who also belongs to the Swatch Group. With experience comes trust, leaving you worry-free whilst your watch ticks away for longer periods.

You are in safe hands, over the years we have gained valuable experience. This wealth of knowledge has allowed us to choose the best selection of tools for replacing watch batteries. With this insurance you don't have to worry about any damage being incurred to your watch during the replacement service. 


Renata Batteries


Please call us on 01384 825130 to get a watch battery replacement quote. All of our replacements are done on-site in our Stourbridge shop. Pricing typically starts from around £3.50 but prices may vary slightly depending on the type of watch and which battery it requires.

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