Jewellery Clasp Replacement Service

We understand that your necklace or bracelet might not be fitted with an easy to use lobster clasp. Clasps can be small and fiddly and they can also wear out over time leaving them stiff and hard to use.

At Jewellery Inspired we have a wide range of sterling silver (925) and gold (various types) jewellery clasps. We also stock extension chains, so you can adjust your items length whenever you like. This can be convenient when changing outfits.

925 Sterling Silver Jewellery Clasp

If you find yourself always struggling with a mechanical clasp, we stock magnetic clasps. This will ensure you have no problems when putting on and taking off your favourite piece of jewellery.

Please call us on 01384 825130 to get a jewellery clasp replacement quote. All of our replacements are done on-site in our Stourbridge shop. Pricing typically starts from around £3.50 but prices may vary slightly depending on the type of clasp and which material it's made from.

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